Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Daniel's British GQ Turn

Whenever my favorite actor gives and interview I have to admit, I get like a kid in a candy store. I know there are going to be photos. Most definitely the cover shot and maybe a few inside. Either by the magazine or those provided by the studio as film stills and I think: potential story characters. The interviews are nice, if not revealing  which is the last thing I think Daniel wants. And what got revealed was his disdain for the loss of his privacy and the way some people so easily trade away theirs then ask for it make. Re: the Kardashians.

He had a lot to say including calling them f***ing idiots. What it came down to was this, he thinks that because they're fame w***** and now, in the wake of a botched marriage they want their privacy. He said it doesn't work like that. Which is true. And when you're famous for being famous that's part of the deal.

You get the sense he works really hard to keep his private life private but that wen it comes to his work he'll tell you anything you want to know. I can't stand the Kardashians the television show. But I don't know them and don't pretend to. But I suppose I put my personal life on blast to some degree on this blog. But it's not to get famous. For me it's about having a place to vent and to celebrate. I've always been an open person. Although if you met me in person I'd probably be incredibly shy. The internet allows for a false sense of anonymity that you really can't find anywhere else.

So even though people know a great deal about me thanks to this blog I'd dare say they don't really know me, which is kind of what I love about Daniel Craig so much. By keep his private life private, it allows me to project whatever characters I want onto that ever so yummy shell. LOL

Again I'm much braver on this blog than I'd ever be face to face. For everyone out there writing on this last day NaNoWriMo good luck and congratulations! 


Susan Royal said...
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Susan Royal said...

Hey Amy, I totally agree with you on all things Daniel Craig. I think the mystique about his personal life is part of what draws me to his movies (not to mention the steely eyes, the shoulders, the voice--but I digress) I like the idea of knowing a celebritys's personal life is just that--personal. We only need to know the character they project.

Unknown said...

I normally reserve the use of language but in this case I was directly quoting Daniel. But yeah, the man has it all over the Kardashians in my opinion. However I will say they are human and Shakespeare said it best when he said to err is human. Hell, the Bible says you reap what you sew. And yeah, the mystique definitely makes the man :).