Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tomorrow Live w/Real Andrews

Who knew a simple tweet would result in the opportunity of a lifetime. An absolute squeeing joyful opportunity to help change peoples lives.

As I've mentioned before I love television and film One of my favorite soaps is General Hospital. My favorite actors from that show include the mainstays like Anthony Geary, Jonathan Jackson, Steve Burton, Maurice Benard and Real Andrews.

I have been running a campaign to try and get my favorite actors to come join me next November at the #MuseGalaAwards. When Real responded to me I thought you could have blown me over with a feather. We got to tweeting and I checked out his USTREAM channel and thought wow, this guy is traveling his own journey with bipolar disorder.

Well, one thing has led to another and I have been granted the chance to interview him live tomorrow at his A Real BiPolar Life Channel about his daily trials and tribulations with the illness. I hope you will join us and learn how we deal with this disease and cope with the holidays. Just follow the link If you're not awake at 8AM EST checkout the blog later. The video and transcript will be made available then.

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