Friday, December 16, 2011

For Your Consideration...Muse Gala Awards, Christmas Edition

Yesterday I told you why you should consider me. Today I'm telling you why you should consider these other lovely writers at MuseItUp Publishing.

I know, I know yesterday I told you that I was a competitive and that I wanted a shiny new trophy. But there are others at Muse who are just as good at what they do and they deserve a little campaign love of their own.
Let's start with the most beloved and prolific mother/daughter duo at MuseItUp. Lin and Kat Holmes.

Lin has so many blogs and so many blog hits she puts me to shame. She is so prolific the last time I heard she had a baker's dozen stories at Muse and counting. She does stationery trailers that a beautiful and generous. And she is one heck of a protective mama. I don't know if there is an award for that but hey, I say why not? It's my For Your Consideration...Christmas Edition blog and can nominate people in whatever category I deem necessary.

Kat, just as innovative and talented as her mother she has a great radio talk show, award winning stories and an absolutely sweet nature to boot. She is a loving daughter and she promotes just the same by arranging reviews for our books. Wow, how did we ever get so lucky as to find them?

Next I give you Karen Cote. She is, as Lin puts it absolutely a comet. She busts her tail and has the sales to prove it. She is a promoter, a genuine spirit, and has one of the best blogs around. Her heart is huge and she is talented to boot. I am proud to not only call her a colleague but a friend as well.

There are so many to mention Ginger, Ro, of course Lea and Litsa. Then there's Tanja my favorite morning touchstone before I start writing and promoing for the day.

If I could rewards all of them with a nice shiny trophy I would. Instead I'll be sure to RT them and give them a  shoutout any time they need one.


Penny Ehrenkranz said...

What a wonderful idea Amy. All of these lovely ladies, as well as yourself, deserve a Muse Gala Award. Here's to you!

festival8 said...

Thanks Penny for the kind words.

Karen Cote said...

Amy, you really are too generous. Thank you. Muse is a great place with a layered platform of talent. I'm not sure the shelf would be strong enough or long enough to hold all those who could qualify.

Thanks again for the mention. I always said you had great ideas.


festival8 said...

Well everyone has their story and their talent and you deserve to be recognized for yours.

Anonymous said... are a shiny star! You've named a couple of the big guns in heart with Lin, Kat, and Karen, Lea & Litsa (for sure)...and Tanja, gotta love her.

Love your blog...don't get over here as often as I should. You've always got something cool and wonderful going on here.

Amy - you rock! So does your books *smile*

festival8 said...

You're very sweet. You do a lot too. Thanks for liking my stories. I'm working on the second book in the Gladiator series now. Oracle.