Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Falling In Love

I think I've mentioned this before working on a story is a bit like falling in love. Sometimes your thunderstruck and feel light on your feet and like you are the queen of the world. And at others you ache with the knowledge the object of your affection may never know you exist.

Unrequited love is like sweet torture. You adore the person and wish they would know you do exist. You find yourself listening to love songs of all kinds. Bluesy, pop, country, you revel in the highs and wallow in the lows. Having been in this situation more often than not I know when I got it bad. And I got it bad for this new story's hero.

James is the hero of ORACLE. A former disobedient Gladiator he takes a shine to a local slave girl singing for her supper. When a couple of the regular customers threaten her he intervenes on her behalf and sets off an unexpected chain of  events.

A broken man with issues he finds comfort and redemption in her. But she has secrets of her own, one of which is was she chooses only to communicate through singing and telepathy. Can he breakthrough to her in time to unlock what tortures her so?

I don't know. I just started the story, I hope you'll stay tuned. And I may have some exciting news coming soon, so I hope you'll come back.

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