Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sex in Stories and Holiday Gifts

Really, I should have called this post intimacy in stories. Mostly because you can have sex without intimacy and intimacy without sex. But the best combination for my money in a story is sex with intimacy.

In the book I'm writing now, Set Fire To The Rain they main characters sleep together the night after they meet. But the story took me there. But I don't show the sex. I show the intimacy before the sex and close the door before they do anything. It alters them both in a big way.

But I can write graphically too. And have fun doing it. Make no apologies for it and sometimes it's hot and sometimes it's tame. But I always try to show the emotional connection between the two people.

As for multiple partners, I've never written that, not because I'm above it but mostly because I don't share my toys in real life so it's hard to put myself in a frame of mind of where I'd want to share them in my creative life. It's just not a fantasy or reality to me. But I've seen people handle that subject matter wonderfully. Kat Holmes comes to mind.

As for my erotica tales they have to turn me on some so if I'm not who else will be? I guess that's the real yardstick for anyone. I get embarrassed when talking in an uncontrolled setting about my erotica books funny huh? Ask away at booksignings or online. I know I'm still somewhat repressed myself when it comes to that stuff.

So if your looking for a enduring passion and true love where the sex is hot you should checkout No Ordinary Love. You can click on the buy button to your right and it will take directly to the buy page.

If you like your romance on the dark side and can handle violence, danger, and a hero to die for then you can click on the Another Way To Die pre-order button. Excerpts from both books are available on the excerpt page.

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