Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Madness

To say that I'm excited today is an understatement. Of course I have my coffee on, what would a day without coffee be like? Why it would be like a day without chocolate or a look at Daniel Craig of course. Dark and without purpose. ;) LOL.

Nah today is a good day. I feel the itchy urge to write, I'm interviewing Real Andrews about a cause close to my heart. Folks, I have to tell you as someone who has bipolar disorder you find ways to survive and thrive. There are several schools of thought on this. For me I need my meds and therapy. If I didn't have these things I would lose my stability I work so hard for.

A good way to see if I am stable is to see if I'm writing. And yes I am writing right now. As a matter of fact the story I wrote which inspired me to create a blog and to write a novel is coming along quite nicely. Not to jinx myself of course. LOL

My bipolar disorder is something I wouldn't wish on too many people. Living with the diagnosis is often a difficult time. I am for the most part on an even keel. But there are days that are better than others and given the opportunity I have been to interview Real I am excited.

My fellow authors he's a really cool guy you should check him out. I know you might not normally think, gee mental health, holidays let's jump on it, but Christmas Madness is all about coping. The support would be nice too.

As a treat maybe I'll post a little bit of the novel tomorrow. Here's Real....

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