Sunday, December 18, 2011

My Favorite Thing

It's a funny thing. I've never been anyone's favorite anything. Like favorite cousin, favorite aunt, or favorite daughter. So when you connect with a kid who's a little outside the mainstream or someone who has similar interests as you it's nice. I have three cousins Mary Jo, Bridgette, and Rebecca who I think are the sweetest kids in my family. They're smart, they think for themselves, and are productive members of society. I just don't see that from everyone else. Not that my nieces and nephews and other cousins aren't I just don't have that special connection with them. 

Last night I had a great time sitting and eating with the Maculiffe branch of my family. All I did was get them a notebook to write their stories in, and the other one I got a calender of places in Paris. I enjoyed the time very much. I've never been looked up to before. Only ever looked at as strange and weird and something not understood. I guess I see something similar in these girls. They come up to me anytime I'm around and Mary Jo (12) loved her notebook so much she hugged me several times and got a pencil and started writing immediately. Rebecca (17) did the same. (Only one hug). 

I have other cousins who are mean and spiteful and incredibly bitchy. They have what I like to call the Skinny Bitch Syndrome. They think because they're pretty it gives them cart blanche to treat people like crap. When in all reality they are ugly and unpleasant people to be around. They go out of their way to be hateful and measure what they have versus what everyone else got. I wish I could say I see them transcending their station in life but given the example that they are given at home I don't have much hope for them. 

Who knows? I didn't think my sister Sabrina stood a snowball's chance in hell of being productive member of society either but she turned out to be the hero child in my biological father and stepmother's lives. She is now happily married and I hope she has all the happiness in the world.

But as for those girls, I would have never guessed they would look up to me at all. I've never had that experience. It's kind of heady. 

There's this free writers conference in Bowling Green I'm thinking about taking them to if their parents are keen to it. They would get out of school for a day and so I KNOW they would be up for it. It's only two hours from home and Rebecca is going to Europe this summer as a music ambassador. So I'm wondering if I should take all of them or just Mary Jo. Anyway. That was my favorite thing about the party last night and as I wait for my guest for tonight's I think I'll dream of the Smokehouse BBQ that's heading my way.

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