Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Cry For Help

This is the face of a monster. This tornado along with several others ripped through Indiana and Kentucky on Wednesday and Friday devastating whole communities, killing at least 19 leaving more unaccounted for.

I spent all day Friday in the basement at my aunt and uncle's house praying we would dodge a bullet. Louisville had a tornado warning as did my hometown, Mount Washington. But I was lucky all my family came out relatively unscathed with some minor hail damage.

The picture you see is of the Henryville tornado, an EF4 tornado. It destroyed the entire city. There were touchdowns all over Southern Indiana and in Kentucky. And the damage is overwhelming. People have lost everything. Some have lost family and friends. An EF4 hasn't been seen around here since April 1974 when it devastated Louisville.

I'm running a blog-a-thon to help raise donations for the area. WHAS-11 is doing the a Tornado Relief with money going to help the citizens of the Kentuckiana area this coming Tuesday. All monies raised at that point will go to that. For more information on this fundraiser go to

I will be collecting donations via Paypal. Even if it's just a dollar please consider donating. Leave a comment and win a chance for my books No Ordinary Love and Another Way To Die.


Rosalie Skinner said...

It is hard to imagine the power of the tornadoes. Good on you for helping out. We are experiencing floods downunder. Again, the destruction is widespread and unexpected.
My heart goes out to all effected. In both countries.

Laura said...

Hi there - just getting a head start on the A-Z list. Good for you for putting the word out for such an important cause - will keep an eye for anything I can do to help - though unfortunately money isn't an option for me at present - maybe I can help blog-wise.

festival8 said...

I couldn't get the blog code to work. There have been some cities wiped completely off the map in Indiana and KY. Any help is greatly appreciated.