Monday, March 26, 2012

The Genesis Of Gladiator

Gladiator came from my desire to write a story after seeing the cover of a series Harlequin book. One I'd never even think about writing. Not that it isn't good. But I don't write inspirational romance. It has its fans and writers and I think that's cool, but I tend to like sex in my stories. Lots of it, with an emotional connection and a plot but I don't shy away from use of words that might make those readers cringe. But the picture of a gladiator on the cover of a Harlequin was enough to get my brain percolating. For three weeks I wondered what my next story should be. And when I read the debut novels section there was a YA book called legend.

Now, I don't write YA. I enjoy adult themes which most publishers shy away from when publishing YA books. Violence, sex, grittiness. The book was set in the future and suddenly my mind started popping. A man who lost everything and was enslaved to be a modern day gladiator. Favored by the Queen and the masses he enjoys privileges but would rather be dead. He hates the Queen, the masses, and most of all himself. So when he has sex with anyone it is out of anger for the powerlessness and failure to save his family.

He was forced to endure his wife's cries for help as she was raped and murdered. And was restrained from helping set his children free. So when a brutally beaten young woman is placed into his cell with the order to kill her he is forced to face an ugly truth. Succumb to what he's become, or take mercy on her and defy the Queen.

The heroine isn't just some girl. She's the Queen's sister. And she claims to be the Healer sent to heal the damage inflicted upon the earth by nuclear bombs and the evil caused by her older sister. She claims only one person can protect her or kill her and that the hero is the one to do it.

What does he choose, what kind of man is he, is she the Great Healer? Can they save the world? Can he love again? Can she convince him she's worthy of his love? Stay tuned to find out.

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