Thursday, April 5, 2012

B is for Backlist

So I haven't been very religious about my A-Z challenge. I've been a little distracted. Between the storms and the UK Wildcats 'Don't Hate, We Got 8' National Championship I haven't been all that disciplined in making myself sit down and put pen to paper when it comes to my blog. But today I want to feature something we should all be a little bit more diligent about if we have one. I have a backlist and promoting it should be of a bigger concern to me. So here are the blurbs to the books of my backlist and if you leave a comment with your email address in it I'll be sure to send you a promo sampler with excerpts from both stories and the first chapter of my upcoming series, The Gladiator Chronicles!

Another Way to Die
A Short Story by: Amy McCorkle
Genre: Dark Romantic Suspense
Release: January 20, 2012
Editor: Lea Schizas
Line editor: Greta Gunselman
Cover artist: Delilah K. Stephans
Words: 12773
Pages: 45
ISBN: 978-1-927085-51-6
Price: $2.50
Almira Sands has been running all her life from her abusive father Jack. She knows one day the running will end and only she or her father will be left standing. What she doesn’t expect is to be kidnapped by Daniel Logan.
Daniel Logan is a mercenary who only intended to use Almira long enough to get to safety, but when she takes a bullet and almost dies he finds himself questioning who he is and what he does and saves her life.
On the run and falling in love they are forced to decide: a life on the run together, or face her father, the man who has the power to separate them forever. 

No Ordinary Love A Short Story by: Kate Lynd
Genre: Sci-Fi Erotica Romance
Release: October 28, 2011
Editor: Anita Baron
Line editor: Greta Gunselman
Cover Artist: Delilah K. Stephens
Words: 5802
Pages: 22
ISBN: 978-1-927361-04-7
Price: $2.50
A human rebel against the Capturian Forces, Caliope was enslaved for five years and tortured. She never expects to meet James, a half-breed too human for his own good.
Their connection is electric.
Their love is forbidden.
Their daughter may be Earth’s only hope.


Jenna Storm said...

Good idea Amy. The backlist is important and your blog is an excellent reminder.

Jenna Storm

Tina said...
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Laura Marcella said...

Thanks for the book recommendations! Hope you're having a great week and happy A to Z!!

nutschell said...

interesting book recommendations:)
Happy A-Zing!

Sharkbytes said...

Not my kind of books, but supporting the ones you like is helpful to others. I'm trying to visit all the A-Z Challenge Blogs this month. My alphabet blog is at