Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Morning After

It is no officially over. We have elected a President for the next four years. President Barack Obama.

No more commercials. No more Presidential debates. And I promise, the wall photo I just shared of the women elected to the Senate is the last one I will send. I'm not afraid to say it. I'm a liberal democrat who voted for Barack Obama.

As a woman there was no other choice to be made. A close look at the Republican Party platform let me know rather quickly, along with Romney's choice as a running mate that my best opportunities as a woman and a professional writer lay with the Obama camp.

Some may disagree, indeed many did. But I have to admit, as things stretched long into the night and I saw the cultural divide between the North and South and as a resident of KY was embarrassed by my state's extreme sentiments. Of course, I'm reminded that as much as I love being from here and the traditions of being from a Southern family, I have to remember that people like my biological father won't even carry a picture of his grandson because he's biracial. The fact a biracial man is now president for another four years may well drive him over the edge.

As an author I have the freedom of speech to say just about whatever I want whenever I want with certain limitations. Like not to scream FIRE in a crowded movie theater. When the voter suppression effort started in force I was disgusted by a party who in an effort to win sought to shrink the electorate as opposed to expand their message to include everyone.

I am a woman. People fought before me so that I could do things that honestly I took for granted. I did my civic duty yesterday and put the only person in office who had the message that included me.

But I say to the people who are so filled with anger and bitterness that a 'way of life' is passing them by. This president wants to embrace you. He will fight for you in ways perhaps your short sighted anger won't let you see at the moment. But he knows right from wrong and has delivered in ways he promised. Have heart, things are moving forward and even if you voted against him his message includes you.

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