Wednesday, October 24, 2012


So my blog has kind of fallen into a lackluster place where I do none of the heavy lifting and let other authors come on and talk about their books. Well, too be honest. I've felt kind of burned out as of late. And yesterday I was feeling the stress and the burden of the morning after a brilliant debate performance by our president. This morning I awoke believing my book was free on Amazon. That's right folks, I woke up at 4:40AM expecting to get to work promoting GLADIATOR. But nope. It was not to be. My book, which I asked for the 24th and 25th free somehow ended up being today and tomorrow. Friday I will be occupied all day either travelling, sitting on panels, or being an exihibitor at Utopia Con. Now I could get mad and throw a fit or just kind of go with the flow. My publisher is sick and generally speaking she works very hard. I hardly think she purposefully said, 'let's sabotage Amy' lol. (Get better Lea). So if you don't hear it tomorrow. Hear it now. GLADIATOR will be free tomorrow and Friday. Download it. Enjoy it. For me it was about very real problems in this world. I just happened to write steamy sex and love story too. The language is rough. The violence is gritty. But the love story is powerful. Here's the link for tomorrow:

Okay, now that the commercial is over on to NaNoWriMo, my book tours, and where the hey my head is at. Want to know what kind of story I'm writing for this contest, check it out!

Now last year I wrote a lot of Dystopia and I will continue to explore that very fertile ground. But this year I'm returning to the playground of Another Way to Die and Set Fire to the Rain. Thrillers with a sexy competent hero with a dark and mysterious past and a deeply troubled heroine with deadly capabilities yet is very vulnerable. This song, this film inspired me to get cracking in this field again. Can't wait for November!

My Bounty Hunter book tour dates are this:

October 26-28th at the Millenium Hotel for Utopia Con in Cincinnati, OH
November 3rd at the Shepherdsville, KY Author Fair at the Ridgway Library
November 8th in Lexington, KY at Joseph Beth Booksellers at 7PM

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