Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Bounty Hunter

To say that there weren't qualities of the hunter to the left in that of Logan Mitchell Jr., the half-breed Lonegal-human of the book Bounty Hunter of my upcoming novel (my first print book by the way) would be a bold faced lie.

James Bond's redeeming quality is that he believes in his duty as a patriot to England, and more than that, to M. Reportedly that will all be tested in the coming film.

In Bounty Hunter, Logan is an outsider. Embraced by neither culture he does the only job deemed acceptable by human society, that of a bounty hunter. Tracking down human and Lonegals alike he does so with little little to no compassion and without much care as to what will happen once they are out of his possession.

The legal system is not kind to criminals, especially half-breeds and Lonegals. Not that Logan typically cares, but when the case of an escaped pregnant, p.o.w. half-breed with connections with his thought to be dead father comes across his desk Logan must decide, help her, or turn her over. While James Bond would most likely seduce her and easily turn his back given his experience with Vesper, Logan finds himself pulled in to her plight and fights within himself to get to the truth and find out is she at all what she seems.

Folks I'm going to be touring with Bounty Hunter and would be happy to see any number of you out at the different locations.



Lorrie said...

Logan sounds like a great MC. I like the premise of the story.

Good luck with the sales.

festival8 said...

I loved writing him. And I got the ebook and print proofs today.