Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Last night I had a row of sorts with my family. They are jealous. And while I didn't help matters I take issue with a great deal of what they said. My dad is especially caustic and nasty these days. When one does not eat to their emotions everything comes out. Including the anger. I made the mistake of admitting I loved my pet more than I loved any one person in my life. But to be fair, I have trouble connecting with people. In the past people have consistently let me down, including the family of which I speak. But they don't see it that way. However, there is one thing I care more about more than anything and that is my writing. So while they remind me of why I choose my adopted family of friends over them on a consistent basis, let me express why THEY mean the world to me.

Missy, the one who is, while not perfect, is my rock as my best friend. She believes in me, she gets me, and she understands why I am the way the way I am. If she were Daniel Craig she would be perfect for me. Unfortunately she's not, so I'll settle for the friendship.

Carla, the Spike personalited, youtubing, genre movie watching, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings fan. I can cut loose with her often enough to get relief from the dysfunction of my family to appreciate that they really do love me in spite of the inability to understand me as a person.

Fellow author Pamela Turner, where do I begin. It wasn't that long ago that the culture of the publishing industry was unkind to epub authors, and a certain element still is. But seeing your success with Death Sword gave me the courage to take the leap at digicon which I would have never found had it not been for you. I know the road is hard. And it wasn't that long ago that I felt the sting that you do, but I believe in you. I know it can happen. You are there for me in ways my family perpetually fails at. And for that I am grateful.

Elise, my writer friend I found at Adrian's Angels, my best long distance friend. You indeed are an Angel. And one day your ship will come in.

And of course Daniel Craig, Adrian Paul, Kate Winslet, Maurice Benard, Russell Crowe...too many Angels to count. The dream continues and I am grateful to you all.


PamelaTurner said...

Ah, well. Thank you. Sadly, though, I am not successful. No. Wait. I'm successful at being the biggest failure ever! Yeah, that's it. That's the ticket. You've surpassed me and I have no hope of ever attaining the success you have. (Although it would be nice.) :-)

Unknown said...

I believe you can and you will. :)

Author B Swangin Webster said...

Its always shocking when your friends stick by you when your family doesn't. But aren't you glad that you have friends, that unlike your family; will tell you like it is but won't judge you. Oh, well that is unless you walk down the street with your skirt tucked in your panties..now a real friend will put their hand on your back and yank it down..Your family will wait for you to get 1/2 day the street and then yell that your skirt is in your panties...#I'lltakemyfriends....great post