Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Welcome Hydra Author Rachel Rawlings

First of all, I would like to thank Amy for allowing me to visit her blog.  This is only my second posting, so I am still searching for ways to express my thoughts.  That said, I have really enjoyed doing the blog tour and reading up on the other Hydra authors who participated. 
Amy asked who, if anyone, I saw as my hero and why.  Traditionally, the hero of the book would be the leading man who sweeps in and saves the heroine from a fate worse than death.  In my book, Dearly Departed while the leading man is intriguing, it is the heroine that saves the day.  The hero has been lead into a different existence, a world that lingers just outside of our consciousness, a world of endings and spirits.  The heroine finds him and must figure out what has happened to him and what must be done to bring him back to his true life.  While he is the one with the special gift, she is the one who saves him from what could truly be an eternal sleep.

Dearly Departed
Grave Reminders Series

I returned to the cemetery as the darkness moved in.  I sat by the stone on the cool ground, feeling the damp of the earth soaking into the seat of my jeans.  Eli came just as the sun melted behind the trees, vaulting over the stone wall, but walking directly to me instead of taking his usual route.  He had known I was waiting there.  I controlled myself with an effort, keeping my eyes on him and away from the stone.
                "You knew," I said softly, my voice sounding rusty in the quiet.  "You knew I was here."
                "Yes, I just felt it.  And I know why you were here.  It just came in my head, and I knew I needed to be here.  I am so sorry for lying to you about my name.  I knew you would be furious, but I needed a name."
                I felt my throat close and stood slowly, every suspicion being fulfilled in his words.  "Why couldn't you have just given me your name?"
                He sighed and slid down next to me, his legs folding neatly under him.  "I don't have a name to give you."
                I know I looked disbelieving.  My face had always been easy to read.  The furious words that I had rehearsed in my head seemed to catch in my throat.
                "Thea, I don't remember my name."
                I shook my head numbly and clamored to my feet.  I wanted to refuse him, to ignore him and call him a liar and march away from him in a self-righteous huff.  As I stood, looking down on his pale face, my anger passed and I wanted to cry.  "What is going on?" I asked softly.
                He stood as well, both of us standing in the shadow of my home.  He looked at me in the darkness, his features harder to see now that I was looking up at him.
                "I can't tell you what is going on.  I wish that I could.  And I am hoping that soon I will understand so I can tell you.  But for now, I just don't want you to give up on me."  He bent closer, his hand cupping my cheek.  He hesitated a moment, the green gold of his eyes catching the light.  His lips met mine, firm and warm and real.  I could feel his breath.  I could smell his skin.  I knew that he was there, holding me.  But when he pulled away, he immediately backed away a few steps, his expression unreadable.  "I think I have to go." One long fingered hand swept to his forehead and he winced. "I think someone is here."
                I fearfully looked away from him, my eyes scanning the rows of stones, the monuments.  It was still, even the wind frozen into submission. I looked around in confusion and shook my head.  When I turned back toward where he had been standing, he was gone.  Just gone.

The second in this series from Grave Reminders will continue the story of my characters from Dearly Departed.  I hope to explore a little further the line between here and there, the life and the afterlife.


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