Thursday, September 13, 2012

Welcome Hydra Author Raven Bower!

Hi Amy and thanks for hosting me today for the Hydra Publications Blog Hop.

You asked who my hero was – it’s my husband Lain. Like my favorite heroes in fiction, he goes above and beyond the norm, exceeding what’s expected and bringing entirely new dimensions to our relationship, family and career. He works full time and often over time, yet when he gets home he’s right at work – whether it be helping the kids with math or fixing the lawn mower or cutting wood to keep us warm. He’s often my co-author and always the first to read and make suggestions to our stories. He creates stellar, deep worlds rife with conflict and chaos – currently he’s been hard at work developing our shared-world of Andronia for Hydra Games. As if all that wasn’t enough, he is following his passion in electronics and taking on the challenge of fixing and upgrading Carver amplifiers as a side job.

Yet, within all of that, he manages to find time for gardening, playing video games and RPGs, reading and creating invaluable memories with us.

It’s a great blessing to have found Lain and be able to live, work and play together with him.

About the Author:

Raven is the author of the Supernatural suspense series, Apparitions (optioned as a feature film), the Vengeance urban fantasy series, Nymph’s Lair, the Draekyn Spears adventure fantasy series and the Weeping Dark: Bleeding Edge epic fantasy series. She’s the Lead Designer and Head of Hydra Games – creating RPG mods, manuals and shared-world novels.

When she’s not writing, Raven spends her time with her husband and co-author Lain and their four kids, their two hell hounds and chaos cats. She’s an avid reader, organic gardener, addicted to movies and Star Trek. Her current pet project is building a cemetery in their yard.

For more about Raven visit her website at:
Twitter: @ravenbower

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Anonymous said...

You know you're doing something right when you can honestly say you married your hero! Lain is a good guy.