Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Inspiration In A Time of Struggle

I post a lot of man candy pictures. And everyone is aware of my affair with Daniel, shhh, don't tell his wife Rachel ;) lol. But I want to explain why I find men like him so appealing, or at least the characters he portrays (although Jeremy Renner is giving him a serious run for his money right now. I loved him in Mission Impossible 4 and the Avengers, and with the Bourne Legacy out this Friday I think I may have just found someone else I could write for) but anyway, back to the story. My life has been no cakewalk but here is what my mom and stepdad did right: they encouraged me to read. Exposed me to film and televison and supported me in my dream to write, even if they wanted me to be a teacher or a doctor or lawyer or in my mother's still going dream an alto saxophonist. (I was accepted into a performing arts school but my fear held me back, I saw someone with pink hair and let's be honest my best friend and boyfriend were at the law magnet high school.) But anyway I always wrote and honestly that's where my my true passion lay then as it does now. Let me tell you my mom's exact words to me when I didn't go to YPAS were go ahead, break my heart, I don't care. Encouraging words lol. Now someone with colored hair doesn't bother me. Tats are cool and piercings mean nothing to me.

Ultimately I followed my own path and I looked to other people to get me there, at least their work. Daniel Craig was my breakthrough hero model for my characters. I always bitched about alpha heroes and wondered why women found them so appealing. Well, duh! Daniel Craig is about as alpha as you can get in his movies. Casino Royale. Cowboys & Aliens. TGWTDT. Athletic, chain smoking, scotch drinking, pill popping anti heroes are what I like in my stories, (don't ask me about my emotional baggage there's too much of it to go into here) and he delivers in a lot of ways. And the hot to cold to hot emotional spectrum. Yeah. I know I've got some serious issues. I just wish I could thank him for his films being a very bright spot in a sometimes very dark world.


Rhonda Parrish said...

The cover for Gladiator looks awesome, I hope your sales are awesome :) I also hope you still play the saxophone, even if you didn't want to go to the performing arts school :)

~ Rhonda Parrish

Unknown said...

I loved Mr. Spock and Bobby Sherman when I was a kid. And to this day, I still love both of them.