Saturday, August 18, 2012

Low Tide, High Tide, and Somewhere In Between

The last week has been much better than the last few. Although my sciattica wreaks havoc on my ability to sit or stand long periods of time. Not that that should really be of interest to any of you. But on the way cool front I might be doing a New York Comic Con autographing session. High tide indeed. I got a discount at a nice hotel because of a twitter connection. High tide again. All that is a big fat maybe. I'm waiting to hear back from NYCC to see if they can accomodate me and a one hour autograph time. You better believe I would be promoting the heck out of an appearance there. Again it will be about making connections. I met my small press publisher Hydra at Fandom Fest. I met my epublisher at DigiCon. I will be teaching two classes at the Muse Online Conference in October. High tide.

Low tide, in order to travel I have to move back in with the parents. Low tide, it could all be overwhelming. Low tide, when you think you're built to be a writer for hire when you're just not, not matter how much people are willing to pay you. I did it once, it didn't turn out well. It produced some of my worst work ever. Some are exceptional at it. I'm just not.

Somewhere in between. Finding balance is hard. And I'm not really an in between kind of gal. I'm either an all in, or all out kind of gal. I'd make a horrible poker player, James Bond would fleece me. Maybe could play strip poker instead and we would both purposely lose. I'd be willing to wax my legs for that, as long as he looked like Daniel Craig of course.

So, as soon as you figure out how to balance real life with work life I'll live my life as a professional doing my own thing on my own terms. I don't settle. I was told the other day sometimes you have to learn how to settle. I never have figured that one out and I don't particularly care to.

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