Monday, August 6, 2012

Sometimes Subtle Says It All

Sometimes, when you're blessed to be in the situation that I am (to have multiple books out in a short amount of time) you wonder, how am I going to pull this off. I have been promoting GLADIATOR for a long time it seems. Since April I think it is. When it comes out in a few weeks, I'm hoping for a good response. I

In October, my first print book comes out. And I'm really excited about it. It's called BOUNTY HUNTER. And right now I have another ebook out called SET FIRE TO THE RAIN these two books are out from Hydra Publications.

Writing blogs are hard and promoting is even harder because you need to know how much romoting is just enough without going overboard. All three of these books are important to me. But GLADIATOR is the one I've thrown all my weight behind these days. But I know I need to throw my weight behind BOUNTY HUNTER soon, it releases in October. So here is my schedule for the month of August. Here is where I'll be live during the last week of the month. I hope you'll join me.

On August 23rd I'll be joining Barbara E. from MuseItUp on her blogtalk radio show where we'll be talking about GLADIATOR, my other books and whatever else comes to mind. I think we're also doing a giveaway, here's the link! (It's from 4-6PM)

On August 25th I'll be at Half Price Bookstore from 2-4PM in Louisville, KY on Hurstbourne Ln.

And on August 30th 9-10PM I'll be doing a live chat in the Muse Chat Room, here's the link. Be sure the register by the day before the chat so that you can get in. 


Marian Lanouette said...

Great post. Can't wait to read your book

Unknown said...

Thanks Marian I appreciate that.