Friday, July 27, 2012

These Are A Few of My Favorite Things

What could be better than my two favorite things the Olympics, and Daniel Craig's 007?

Danny Boyle is an Oscar winning director so that makes things interesting too. But I have to admit Beijing really took the cake when it came to the opening ceremonies, right down to choosing the nine year old boy who climbed out of the rubble of a Chinese school house after their devastating earthquake only to go back and get two classmates out as well to lead the Chinese athletes out. When asked why he went back he said because he was a class monitor and leader and it was his responsibility to. I cry even thinking about that. How awesome is that?

I am an Olympics addict. And staying off of Twitter and FB long enough so that I don't real time mess up my fun is going to be hard. I was able to do it with Beijing. And had the greatest moment in a long time when the U.S. men beat those braggart Frenchies. (And it was the old man of the team that did it too, go Jason).

And of course there is my favorite events, the men's and women's marathons. Nothing like watching men and women testing the limits of their endurance. Sometimes under the most extreme of conditions.

Mix in a side of Daniel Criag doing his best bad ass 007 and wow God has really given me a treat. I hope for a fantastic opening ceremony. And I don't understand why politicians say the dumbest things. #MittRomney, angering a nation to rally around it's  athletes. In any case, I can't wait and hope no other stupid things are said by either side. The Olympics are about the athletes. And of course, my movie star crush Daniel Craig lol.

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