Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Finding My Mojo

 My mojo I think, looks like this. I went to bed thing I'll rest get my groove back. I wrote a few pages last night knowing I wouldn't be able to finish what I wanted.

The anxiety I feel is well, not something I care to think about too much. I'm trying to think about having fun and the end goal of just making 80,000 words.

When I think of heroes and the kind of hero that I like I find it's like watching a movie in my mind. I'm sure there are those who don't cast their heroes but I do. I've used the likes of Chris Hemsworth ala Snow White  &  the Huntsman. Jeremy Renner is slated for a starring role in an upcoming project, QUEEN.

But the man who I usually use as my hero is Daniel Craig, he shall we say, inspires me. Not just with his smoldering sexiness, but with his acting chops. And if you notice anything about these characters they are all dark, bitter, and with a past. I like my heroes to be tortured, broken, and seeking redemption. Usually they drink too much and sleep around but hey my heroine is strong but in the need of healing herself. The more angst the better.

Here's the picture of my hero for DEFIANCE:  Isn't he all kinds of brooding smexiness. Now that's a man!

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