Thursday, July 19, 2012

My First Review for GLADIATOR

Title: Gladiator
Author: Kate Lynd
Publisher: MuseItUp Publishing
Pages: 111
Rating: 4 Stars

Fate brought them together….Destiny may pull them apart.

Tristan Shane is a gladiator with a tortured soul and a jaded heart. His battles are for the entertainment of the government and the mob of citizens inhabiting a post apocalyptic United States of America. His ability is legendary and afforded him the attention of Veronica, the queen. But Tristan has no desire to be Veronica’s pleasure toy for he knows the evil she has committed.

All of that changes the day Veronica propositions Tristan with an offer he doesn’t want to do but cannot turn down. Veronica has only one fear, the Healer. As foretold in prophesy, a healer would come and usher in a new era by restoring the barren terrain of the world. Veronica believes the Healer has come but wants to be sure. She entrusts Tristan to discover the truth and, if need be, eliminate the person who would threaten her kingdom.

However Tristan wasn’t prepared for the impact the Healer would have on his life. Her beauty intoxicates him, her touch softens his harden heart, and her words linger in his mind. Yes, she has done what he never thought possible...awaken his desires and teach him to love again. But their relationship goes beyond mere love and Tristan soon learns the power they share. A power best displayed through their passionate exchanges.

Author Kate Lynd turns up the heat in this post apocalyptic struggle of love, lust, and survival. The characters are well developed as you see the depth of their emotions throughout the novel. This novella is packed with intrigue, action, and scenes that will get your pulse racing. If you enjoy action and erotic romance, “Gladiator,” is the novella for you.

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Jay Noel said...

Sounds great! I'm not much of a erotic romance reader, but the action sounds appealing to me.

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