Sunday, April 21, 2013

Self Transformation

To continue along the theme I started yesterday I'd like to get more into self-transformation. More specifically, reconnecting with a sport that I love even more than UK Wildcat college basketball. LDR-long distance running. And now, more than ever, I think I should be preparing myself to take part in it. Allow me to explain.

When the movie theater shooting happened in Colorado with the Batman midnight showing I was utterly freaked  out and getting myself back to a place where I loved and made my profession and vocation was next to impossible. And with the attack at the Boston Marathon I knew immediately I would have to get back up on the horse or I might never run in a race again.

As it stands I weigh 289lbs. and quite frankly I am at risk for everything from high blood pressure to heart disease and diabetes. So I have decided to start running races even if they're just five and ten K's. But first I have to build my endurance back up. Which means getting my butt up out of bed every morning and and going whenever I can. I have no car so that means working around other people's schedule. Eating less, moving more.

I have started the vision board and writing more on various projects. I'll take pictures of me at the park walking (because trust me, I can barely do that) as I progress and FB and social media will become my sort of online vision board. I want success, someone to share it with and someone who embraces my love for running/walking as well as my love for writing. And I plan on making it happen. Here's a picture of me at 289lbs. I'm not thrilled with the idea of putting it on display, but it will help me own it and face it. So as I continue along I'll pick 5K's  and 10K's with the ultimate goal of the KDF Mini next year (the Kentucky Derby Festival Half Marathon. And perhaps even the Triple Crown of Running).

So that's me. Amy McCorkle, author extraordinaire. I plan on there being a lot less of me by this time next year and being way healthier.

Until next time...

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Penny Clover Petersen said...

Congratulations and best wishes for success. My sister has a mantra that I use, too, for all the times it gets hard to do what I know I should. "I deserve to look and feel good." It seems like a silly little saying, but that belief has gotten me eating better and feeling better. I look forward to celebrating your progress.