Friday, April 19, 2013


I once saw a movie that inspired me to write the kind of heroes that most women dream of. I signed a contract where I got paid an advance. What I learned was that I'm one of those annoying writers who was more interested in rubric other than that of the financial gain to define what would be mean success for me.

I got a lesson in publishing as a business vs. writing as an art form. And while I had learned that lesson early on my time at MuseItUp Publishing had taught me that my voice was as important as the almighty dollar and while I could change a great many things my voice was not one of them. Which led to me making the hardest decision of my life in giving the money back and doing what I wanted with my manuscript.

I knew the manuscript was great. So I took it to Blackwyrm and while I must admit I'm terrified of what the edits are going to look like I love it there. The publisher, Dave has been nothing but warm and friendly and those whom I reached out to in the Con committee such as Ken Daniels have been fantastic as well.

My best friend and sometime writing partner Missy Goodman has said she's going to start walking around behind so that when the golden horseshoe falls out of my ass she'll be there to catch it. And I have been blessed. 23 contracts. 7 books out. Awards. I get a royalty check in most cases.

But I think the reason I have these things is because of my voice. It's definitive and I know how to hook a reader. I'm not bragging I can only assume that's what it is. I never imagined success would look like this. And to my friends who still struggle, your time will come, you work too hard for it not to.

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