Saturday, April 20, 2013


Everyone has dreams and goals. Once upon a time I wanted to be a published author. Now I am, with oodles of contracts running out my eyeballs and have enough work to drive a wood man crazy. 2 in progress novels and 3 in progress screenplays, plus a book to be written! That doesn't count my books at my other houses lol. All of this coming at a time when I thought I would never know what it was like to be published.

Now on to conquer the world. I recently saw Kevin Smith's Burn In Hell Tour on YouTube. Each time I see him speak I'm more convinced than ever he's one of the most under rated storytellers of our time. But he gave the rallying cry of Why Not? The book, the movie, the record, whatever your dream was there was the overwhelming feeling was that life was short and that you shouldn't waste it.

I've always dreamed of winning the Austin Film Festival Bronze Typewriter and with 2 screenplays eligible for a couple of different categories, Why Not? I want to win an Oscar. Why Not? I want to produce and create an Indie Soap series, Why Not? I want to hit the bestseller's list again, Why Not?

At ConCave this year I had the great pleasure of sharing a table with Bertena Varney. (Pam we'll be doing Killer Nashville!).  She was a great reader and said this was my year. And so far everything she's said has been true! She suggested I make a vision board. I said I wanted someone to share this success with she said that was very much a possibility. I know some don't give much credence to this sort of thing but she is fantastic and is a great guide. 

I embrace my dreams and am making a plan to achieve my dreams and goals. And the vision board I created with what I dream of on it. This is my year. I really believe it. I've been blessed this year no doubt and I hope those reading this might know the success I have over the past few years.

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