Monday, April 29, 2013

That Golden Horseshoe & a Thank You

The other day my best friend and fellow author and sometime writing partner Melissa Goodman told me she was going to start walking behind me so that she would catch that golden horseshoe when it falls out. I laughed. But professionally and now personally it seems it's raining good fortune. And there's nothing better than sharing your good fortune with those around you. Especially those who've made the journey with and those who made it possible. And then the others who exist in both of those categories.

I have never been busier than I have been now in my writing career. On the hook for 23 contracts spread across three separate houses, I'm currently writing a trilogy, a stand alone, and 2 screenplays. I just finished a screenplay and am close to finishing another one. Book 2 in the trilogy is more than halfway done and the stand alone has less than a hundred pages to be written on it. And when I clear the deck I'm going to write and self-publish #24.

I have traveled a rough road to get here. Childhood was a lonely and terrifying time for me. The adults in my life couldn't be trusted. Men were the enemy by virtue of their actions, and though a few of them showed me they could be kind and loving, it was the majority who were cruel and violent that left their mark on me. I knew my mom and step-dad loved me, but the household was mecurial. They ran hot and cold, fine one minute, furious the next. It was a matter of walking on eggshells and it seemed no matter how good or smart or accomplished I was it was never good enough. They've mellowed in the older age and I never doubted their love for me, but growing up in a household like that leaves it's mark on you. Makes it hard to trust people. Makes you vulnerable to other things. As an adult I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I've been blessed in that regard. Even though I've had breakdowns I haven't had psychotic breaks with reality.

I've known what it's like to go to bed hungry and wake up hungry as an adult. I have a healthy dislike for hot dogs, spaghetti, and all things Ramen because of it. I did it in the name of pursuing the dream of making a film and in the midst of it that's when I had my breakdowns. People disappear and disappoint in the hard times. Very few stick around. Missy stuck it out as my friend. Those were some hard times. I wasn't always the nicest of people. I was sick, I was poor, and I was hungry and she was kind and along with the doctors she helped put me back together. I'm stronger than ever now.

I'm happy too. I'm going out on tour with my books. I even have a date! I'm entering Fright Night and Austin with my screenplays (co-written by that same Missy Goodman) and if there are awards to be won it will be all the sweeter because of the road I've traveled with my friend.

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