Thursday, May 10, 2012

5 Figures

5 Figures. That's what I have a dream of. I have conquered the goal of publication. I'm proud to say my books, No Ordinary Love, Another Way To Die, and Gladiator found a home with MuseItUp. And two others Bounty Hunter and Set Fire to the Rain found a home with Hydra Publications. And with the state of the publishing industry in such flux who's to say that the big six won't have all gone the way of the dinosaur? But that doesn't change the dream. The dream is to receive an advance and to have bookstore distribution. I really wish the Big Six and the E-Publishing industry would work together to make this a good place for authors to be. As it is the bottom line drives the industry. It's been said writing is art, publishing is a business. And the fight for shrinking shelf space is fierce.

Now, I've been called an instant gratification girl. Am I really cut out for the print side of the industry? Long waits to hear from agents. Even longer wait to hear from the Big Six. And that's not even the half of it. But I desire a traditional print contract. Are they screwing they author, probably. But the independent e-pubs aren't necessarily all great shakes either. To crucify one over the other is really pointless and to blame Amazon is just ludicrous. The are just exploiting the weaknesses of the traditional model.

Hey, I love Amazon. I love my e-publishing houses. Lea and Frank are fantastic. But I still dream of seeing a hardcover version of my book on the shelf in stores. It's just they way I feel. Hey I have a series with Muse, and a potential one with Hydra. I plan on keeping them going. But for now I want the traditional sell so that's what I'm aiming for. July Savvy Authors is bringing literary agents to its website. I plan on being ready with something to show. So that's what I want-5 figures.

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