Friday, May 4, 2012

Paying It Forward

Today I want to talk about two people. One who is my best friend, and the other who is this awesome lady who runs the Moondance International Film Festival

First up is Elizabeth English. This dynamic woman not only runs a well-respected international film festival celebrating women and writers as  equals in the world filmmaking industry, along with filmmakers and composers, she is someone who relays her experiences through advice, enthusiasm and inspiration, over the 13 years she's been the founder, executive director and artistic director of the festival, giving guidance to talented, aspiring writers, composers and indie filmmakers.  

She sees everyone in filmmaking process as equals. From actor to composer to writer to director and producer. No one is catered to but everyone is treated with the respect an artist commands whatever field they're in. I really enjoyed speaking with Elizabeth and like her no bullshit attitude coupled with her love for what she does. It's clear she loves what she does and while I won't be able to attend Moondance in person I am more than happy to place an ad in Moondance's program to support her vision, and promote my books. A two for one shot. I entered the short story category and even if I don't win I feel like it was a great opportunity afforded to me by someone who had the guts to shine the spotlight on the writer in several categories and not just one. And if something does come of my entry fee? I'll have Elizabeth to thank for putting on such an awesome festival for it.

Second up my best friend Missy. Recently a publishing house closed where here short story/e-book was to be published. She never even got her content edits. She submitted to other houses but got revise and resubmit letters. It was discouraging to her. So I snuck and submitted it to Hydra Publications who read it and accepted it. No one deserves the success more. She has been nothing but supportive of me and my dreams when others would laugh or worse be dismissive of what I do as a 'hobby'. As best friends we've been through the fire and I am extremely happy to see her meet the success of a first sale recaptured.

Finally there's Pamela Turner and Elise VanCise. Pamela has been a good friend and a great sounding board, if it weren't for her I may have never taken the blinders off and embraced the e-publishing world the way I should have all along. As for Elise, she's my best phone friend and both are talented authors and artists in their own right,

I'm just happy to also announce I've landed my fourth contract, this one with Hydra Publications, for my book, Bounty Hunter. Keep on, keepin' on folks.  


PamelaTurner said...

Thank you! And thanks for not trying to jump out of the car when I'm driving. LOL (Inside joke, people. No worries!) Also, congratulations to Missy on her publication acceptance.

festival8 said...

LOL. You're welcome! It's always a plesure to ride with you. It's like an adventure. ;)