Saturday, June 9, 2012


I'm writing this at four o'clock in the morning fresh from one of the most haunting and beautiful dreams. Of course it made no sense but, when did dreams ever make sense? In the end it's just your mind processing your experiences. Of course I had an overload of caffeine and then took melatonin. Not too much, just the doctor prescribed amount. I don't mess around with meds.

The dream, like most dreams kind of rambles. There's no real meaning to it. Just the feeling of wanting to hang onto it when I woke up. It starts at a house that is my MeMaw's old house where a man tells me e're going to have sex. I feel like I don't want to do this but don't get the courage to tell him know until it's too late. But we wake up his kid and and my deceased Grandmother makes her presence known by chiming the grandfather clock and making everything feel weird. My sister Brandy helps find my pajama bottoms and underwear and everyone is watching me as if I'm some kind of whore.

It transitions to being in a room full of people I have no business being around. People in the music industry and the Mtv feel back when they had videos on television. I'm like the cat lady rescuing angry cats out of this enviroment. As I leave I'm told to never come back.

I kind of float to brightly lit and warm colored room where a young version of my ex-boyfriend, Billy tells me I'm welcome there and we watch shows like the X-Files. Buffy. And Angel. It's like I've found a new home. Pretty soon I'm floating again only now I'm watching a magnificent movie trailer as if drawn in pencil from start to finish and it colors in to live action and it's as if I know that this is a big important film and I'm watching it with my best friend Missy.

Finally I come to a film where people's lives are threatened and stars like Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, and Ryan Gosling are in it and it's about mobsters and has a glamorous 1940's look like the horse racing film does.

The last movie I see I'm alone and I'm angry and crying. Jeremy Renner is in the poster with several different shots of him in different kinds of hair and make-up. I'm trying to explain how the dream with Billy touched me because Billy is a person from my life and John Malkovich is ready to say I don't know what I'm talking about.

Like I said, the dream doesn't make much sense it kind of rambles, but it made me want to hang onto it especially the parts with Billy and the trailer drawn out in pencil that I'm watching with Missy. Ever have dream that made you want to hang onto it? Comment on it and enter at a chance to win an ARC of the firsr book in my Gladiator Chronicles.


GABixler said...

I know one thing--you need to cut down on caffeine! LOL You're so hyped on this dream that you forgot how to spell...sometimes...LOL I must say that I have interpreted my own dreams before, but yours I couldn't...except maybe you're looking for love? You won't find it in any of the places you mentioned, I don't think...LOL Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I've written a short story, based upon a dream I maybe you should just down more details of what occurred so you'll have it to maybe explore further! Best, G

festival8 said...

It as 4AM when I wrote all of this down and I went back to bed. I wasn't too concerned with my spelling LOL. As for finding love I dunno about that. I just thought it was a cool dream.