Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fandom Fest! 12 Days and Counting!

I have to say after getting sick last year and being unable to execute this opportunity to the fullest I'm really looking forward to what seems like what will be an awesome time. With authors like fellow Muser Pamela Turner there will be a monster party in my room for the launch of yes, GLADIATOR, book 1 of the Gladiator Chronicles.

There will be swag, promo, goodie bags, people in costume, giveaway baskets which have books, bookmarks, mousepads, magnets, postcards, rack cards, flyers, bumper stickers and more! A delicious cake and drinks will be provided and of course books will be available for sale. Just so you know, it will be my young cousins, Bridgette and Mary handing out the bags to stuff your goodies in, so please be kind when they approach you.

Fandom Fest is a great event. It is held in conjunction with Mid-American Comic Con and the Fright Night Film Festival and will include special guests such as James Marsters, Bruce Campbell, and the dudes from the Boondock Saints. And for all you wanting to take a step back into the 1990's there will be the stars of the ORIGINAL 90210 cast. Is gaming your thing? Checkout the vendors hall. Books more your speed? Joseph-Beth Booksellers will be there answering all your reading needs.

And the writers? There's a whole track for craft and fans of those writers. I will be taking pitches for MuseItUp Publishing at 7PM on Friday, June 29th in the Collins Room. My publisher is looking for all manner of fiction from something new in YA, to horror and romance. Come surprise me! On Saturday June 30th is the big launch for GLADIATOR! Come join the party at 8:30-? in the McCreary Room  and have some fun and get some new reading material! Then July 1st at 10AM come give me back up as I'm the only girl on panel full of guys about world building for Science Fiction in the Tayor Room.

Hope to see you there!

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