Monday, June 4, 2012

Return To Fandom Fest & Other Updates

So it's been awhile since I've posted, I wish I could be more disciplined or less streaky, but there you have it. It's June and we are on the cusp of GLADIATOR'S launch. June 30th to be exact. I've worked hard on the manuscript and while the first draft was my blood, sweat, and tears the book wouldn't be what it is without the content edits of Tanja Cilia, the line edits of Greta Gunselman, or the final run through by Lea Schizas. Or this fabulous cover by Delilah Stephans. So it's taken a small village to take what I believe was a fantastic dystopian erotic romance to begin with and shine it up to its full potential. It arrives in online retail stores (the first 90 days belonging to KDP on August 31,2012. If you'd like to be reminded of when it becomes available just follow this link and remember Fandom Fest is June 29th-July 1st and I will be there with giveaways, goodies, books, and cake!

Also of note for those with a NOOK or the NOOK Ap and are looking for a good, gritty, dark romantic thriller Another Way to Die is FINALLY available from Barnes & Noble. Here's the link. and checkout the beautiful cover by Delilah Stephans.

And finally, having been inspired by the recent mini-series, Hatfields and the McCoys my best friend of 15 years and I are penning a 5 book series which is one part Western, one part Post Apocalyptic, and all kinds of romance . It tells of the lives of three families set in the not too distant future and how they intertwine, sometimes tragically, sometimes not so much. They are the Brices, the Hamiltons, and the Walkers. Set in the mountains of Kentucky with brief trips to the city we see what the war has done to them both individually and collectively.

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