Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cry Of the Reality Show Addiction

I know there are those here in the internet world who would bemoan the decline of civilization as we know it when they here POWER OF VETO or even T-SHIRT TIME. I even like to WATCH THE HAMSTERS late at night before I turn in for good. No, they aren't actors or even famous. Depending on their personalities and marketing skills they can become celebrities or even infamous. But while we here decry Jeni JWOW Farely and Snooki snagging book deals and becoming 'bestselling authors' I think we could stand to take a page out of their marketing bag o' tricks and learn a thing or two.

Let's take a look at the cast as a whole. People call them losers. Maybe. Likeable? Definitely. They're like one big huge dysfunctional family, but I find myself rooting for them against all reason. Snooki is the youngest and just looking for love. (Although why she hooked up with The Situation IS beyond me) And I like her, she's young and in need of protection. Which is why I love JWOW as well. She's always got Snooki's back.
Deena, she's just outrageous and funny. Hard not to like her. The ONLY female I have a problem with is Sammi, she's crazy. I was on her side until it became clear she blamed the girls for telling about Ronnie's infidelty. And finally I learned to like Ronnie. Although he and Mike are on a collision course.

What's so addictive about this show? My guess is because they function like a family. A crazy family.

Some decry reality shows as the decline as culture. I disagree. There are still books. There are still movies. And there are still other television shows.

Speaking of which I LOVED Cowboys & Aliens! It totally rocked. Get to the movies before it leaves the theaters!


Jim Hartley said...

I have no idea what the heck show you are talking about. When you mention reality TV, I think of things like "The Bitchelorette" or "Wipeout" (which I prefer to call "Fall Down and Go Boom"). Man, those shows totally suck! Nope, give me a good scripted sitcom any day.

Shelley Munro said...

I don't think we have any of those shows down here in NZ. I like any cooking reality type show. They're my favorites. I'm looking forward to Cowboys & Aliens. It's started down here, but I haven't had time to go and see it yet.

Unknown said...

Jersey Shore has it's lingo. And I have a sweet tooth for the stuff. If you don't have it *sigh not to worry I'll enjoy it with my writing partner regardless lol.