Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I Need A Vacation

I say I need a vacation all of the time. But what I really mean is I need to get out of the confines of my apartment.

Sure my imagination takes me places I might never be able to go otherwise. I mean really, would I ever want to meet a crime family and make myself the target of their enemies' wrath or the government's criminal investigation?

In my life things aren't always so black and white. And what may look like the guy wearing the star and white hat might really a wolf in sheep's clothing. Do I want someone to come along and love me? I think everyone does. Hence the dark fantasies of bad boys with the good hearts.

But I think I've stumbled upon what my story of the 3Day will be. But I've only got the 3-5th to write it and I have to wait until next weekend to do so. Hence, I need my Labor Day Vacation now. I don't want to wait, but rules be the rules and I have to wait.

In the meantime I have finished Book One in the When Doves Cry Trilogy, When Doves Cry: Tragedy. Books two and three Vengeance and Desire will be gotten to later. So it's not like I have any shortage of work.

However, I still need a vacation. Next Friday I'm getting a hotel room and carryout, then I'm writing into the wee hours of the morning. Then Saturday I'm going to see Cowboys & Aliens again. Getting lunch, then hitting the bookstore and writing some more.

Rest assured I'll be writing. I just wouldn't be breathing if I weren't.


Roseanne Dowell said...

Sounds like fun.

Ella Gray said...

Gratz on finishing Book 1! A little vacation sounds like a great reward - have fun :-)

J Q Rose said...

ummm...your definition of a vacation--writing a novel in 3 days..is certainly different from mine. I will be on the shores of Lake Michigan and Yes, I will be dragging my laptop along in case I get some down time for writing. But definitely my vacation is not centered on writing..although it probably should be. Good luck with the 3 day novel. Anxious to hear all about the experience. BTW, Have fun!!