Wednesday, August 17, 2011

When Doves Cry

Come October there is an anniversary date of sorts. Come October will mark the birthdate of 'the girls'. Just who are the girls exactly? The girls are Ariel and Adriana Stuart and the twins and their story has been gestating between me and my writing partner for fourteen years. For the longest time I've tried to sell Ariel's tale as a romance. But people have been totally turned off by the fact she's been seeking revenge for her kingpin father and mother's murder and has no remorse for it. Yet, they love the hero who has no qualms about what or who he is either. I've yet to understnd this. Missy finally told me don't sell it as a romance, people have certain expectations of a romance and perhaps When Doves Cry isn't a romance with the murder, sex, love, betrayal, and violence, just isn't what they want in an HEA.

I'll be the first to admit, people die in When Doves Cry.  Big TIME characters. You spend a lot of time with them. And bad things happen to the remaining characters which is something that shapes them into the people who they are. And to be honest I'm quite unapologetic about it because I love my twin Ariel Stuart and who she is and ultimately who she becomes.

When Doves Cry is like The Godfather meets Gone With the Wind. Big stories to live up to. I have no idea if I have the one iota of the talent Mitchell had in making a character likable enough to root for even in the face of being as dark as Puzo's world. Or having the cojones to think I can even pull something like this off.

Still, I love the story Missy and I have concocted over the years. She has handed Gerald and Isabelle over to me (the Twins parents) and of course Ariel and Stone's story has always belonged to me. Beale/Adriana/Frankie and the nemesis Leo is her story to tell.

For anyone who wants to see more excerpts here leave a comment and as the story grows pieces will be left behind for you to enjoy.


Cynthia said...

I'd love it. You have got my attention.

Unknown said...

Were you at Fandom Fest? Are you a Muse author? Are you going to be at A Day of Mystical Blood Lust? Watch for today's post later on.