Monday, August 22, 2011

Training For the 3Day Novel Contest!

Some call it crazy. Some call it hell. Others call it a trial by fire. I call it a pressure cooker which is going to yield a lot of fun. What am I talking about? The 3Day Novel Contest of course!

How do you write a novel in three days? Honestly I don't know. The most pages I've ever written in three days is 22 and that was when I was writing the end of a longer piece and I was filled with manic energy.

Now, I've participated in the 3Day Novel Contest twice before. Once handwriting the piece, the second time using my NEO. Now I have a computer. I plan on using it this time.

So, training? Really I don't know if there is a way to train. I have a vague idea of  what I want the story to be about. You can have a plot or characters, you really don't have time for both. The goal this year is 90 pages. And while I'm not getting a hotel at Nolin Lake for fun. I'm thinking about getting a room for the night or two here in town. Hopefully there will be a room with as many things that happen on Labor Day Weekend around here.

Training. Have junkfood and coffee at the ready. Carryout. Chinese, pizza, subs. Caffeine. Loads and loads of caffeine. Coffee and soda IS your BEST FRIEND. Turn your phones off. Keep the television off. Don't answer the door. Tell your friends and family ahead of time not to bother you not this weekend, but next weekend.

Want to be health nut? Put it off for a few weeks. Still need that morning walk, then do it but something else has to give. All I know is I paid good money to be able to torture myself like this and I'll be damned if anyone is going to come between me and that September 5th 11:59PM finish line for a third time.

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JerryR said...

Thanks for sharing and explaing that Amy. have fun & good luck. 3 days! sheesh!