Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Daytime Rules!

Daytime television has definitely taken a hit these days. What with the proliferation of 'better yourself talk shows' and Judge Judys you have to wonder where did Soaps go. I had a guest on some time back who said they were going nowhere. To be honest the world of those who are employed by the soaps live a volatile and unstable life. General Hospital just got a one year renewal. AMC and OLTL just got the axe. B&B and Y&R seem to be solid while Days Of Our Lives has a vocal following that keeps it going.

To all those who look down on soaps as just stupid daily escapes for bored housewives let me give you a refresher course. Luke & Laura were once household names and their marriage made the front of Newsweek. Michael Keaton's Mr. Mom was addicted to Y&R and had a nightmarish fantasy where his wife came home and busted him with the hot to trot neighbor and shot him.

The Abbotts. The Newmans. The Quartermaines. The Hortons. Underground worlds. Aliens. Yes sometimes silly, but at times they could be the place for groundbreaking storylines. HIV, interracial couples, gay and lesbian couples, and though it is at times sensationalized rape and child abuse. There have been stories about mental illness, organ donation (anyone have a dry eye at the not Barbara Jean moment, or when Tony placed his ear to his dead daughter's chest?). People write these stories. Crews build sets, direct, light, and shoot these stories. Make up artists and designers clothe and make sure the actors and actresses of all ages are ready to perform and look their best for these stories.

And then the actors and actresses themselves. Soaps are a training ground for some, a home for others, and the fans aren't just fans they fanatical in their devotion to them and to see all of this swept aside for yet another talk show is just obscene.

I love Oprah, she's created a brand and down herself proud. But when she got on television and said the old makes way for the new, well it kind of made me mad. She got to call when her show ended. And she's not really going anywhere, she's got a channel full of reality shows that really aren't any better than the mind candy Jersey Shore or her show (which I will repeat I do love).

So everyone follow the link in the sidebar to Daytime Connect and see what they're doing. I think big things are in store for them if the cable networks get with it and pick up some of these shows that have so unceremoniously been dumped by their dancing partners.

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