Thursday, May 19, 2011

New Hero, New Inspiration

When searching for a hero to fall in love with I'm looking for a little lust to spark the fuse with. I wrote four stories with Daniel Craig as that man. But on the series I realized I couldn't use him again if only because he had found happily ever after Almira. Which vexed me to no end. Missy (my screenwriting partner) begged me to write Luke's story. In one draft Luke exists. In another he's not even mentioned (but he is a side note in the screenplay version lol). I found myself wanting to tell Abagail's story. Abagail is Daniel Logan's missing daughter. But if Luke is Daniel's half brother putting them together is OUT OF THE QUESTION. So who was her hero? Who was the man she was she to fall in love with? I didn't know.

I wrote 3 stories while trying to figure that question out. I look brooding characters who are haunted by their pasts. It's just the way I'm built. So it's the way my characters are built. The smart ass thing in life is true to me as I live. But give me a good brooding hero and I'll follow you anywhere onscreen or on the printed page or digitally as the case may be. Then I started watching Body Of Proof (sorry Pam, I can't help myself, I love the show). The heroine broods and she has a former cop who teams with her and the actor's name is Nicholas Bishop. Dear God does he brood and the man rings my chimes in every way imaginable.

So yesterday as I was struggling with the story I realized I couldn't poof make Luke unrelated. I had lived with him as Daniel's brother and there was just no sparks between him and Abby. But as soon as I put the character of Nick, army doctor in there it was ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner. The attraction between the characters was almost immediate.

And the nice thing is it's the first draft and if I want I can cut the first 14 pages in the editing bay or I can rework them down the line. It's up to me. So I'd like to thank ABC for renewing Body Of Proof. Now come this fall I'll have my weekly fix of 'Nick' until I finish with him as a hero for my stories.

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