Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Today I'm officially launching my Lost Legacies Blog. It's a site that is still under construction and that will include monthly updates, sometimes weekly updates as the story demands. Being from the film industry it gives me access to som of the best regional actors and actresses in the Kentucky area. Karen Cote inspired me to do this and I think it's going to prove to be one of the best tools at my disposal.

At Another Way To Die-the Lost Legacies: Book One you will have a chance to meet Daniel Logan the mercaenary with a dark past, a lost soul looking for redemption he never counts on meeting Almira Sands.

Almira Sands is running from her past and just desires to find an ever eluding peace of mind and when Daniel Logan grabs her she never expects it to change her life for the better.

Luke Logan is a sneak peek into the future of the series--and Daniel's sexy younger brother.

Jack Sands is Almira's evil for evil's sake of a father--or is his?

Come find out at the Lost Legacies blog! And check back often for updates to the adventures leading up to their exploits in Muse It Up's January release- Another Way To Die- http://lostlegacies.blogspot.com/.

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Teresa K. said...

This sounds like it's got so many twist's and turns. Very intriguing.

Teresa K.