Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How Kevin Smith & Quentin Tarantino Inspired Me

I love movies and yes, I have my favorite writers and directors. And then there are those that if I met them I'd have a total fangirl moment with. I'm going to take a moment and talk about two of my favorite directors/writers of all time, Quentin Tarantino and Kevin Smith, two of the most influential directors/writers of my generation.

Both of them are brilliant dialogue writers, both of them are funny as hell, and both of them inspired thousands of passionate idiots such as myself to follow my dreams.

Quentin, simply put, is a god. Everything has a beginning middle and end. Quentin, with Pulp Fiction revolutionized where in the story those things happened. The movie started in the middle and ended in the middle. Was funny, dark, bloody, and downright weird. Bring out the gimp weird. Awesome weird. I also loved Resevior Dogs. And Kill Bill 1&2. And Inglorious Basterds where I think Brad Pitt showed just how awesome he could be. And there was this other film during this time From Dusk Till Dawn, that he wrote. Greatest vampire/action film ever. (Of course this is all subjective, I could just be talking out of my ass) I wasn't as big a fan of True Romance OR NBK but I do recognize how great those scripts were.

Then there's THE guy of my generation. A man after my own heart. I've read his books, seen his films, okay so I loved them all but Mallrats and Jersey Girl, but hey, Jersey Girl had Ben Affleck in it AND George Carlin and it had some great Smith touches. And still there are tons of people who enjoyed those films. But I fell in love with Kevin Smith's work one night when I was working in a video store and I'd taken the screener home for Clerks.

Hilarious! Great dialogue dead on impressions of the customers and workers (maybe hyperbolized a bit but awesome all the same, it was a movie afterall), and done by grit, scraping, and pulling together of ALL your resources no matter what it took. Sure he was young. Maybe a little bit crazy. But if he could do it why couldn't I?

I've made a few guerilla films since then and I have to tell you the man has to be a saint. I've dealt with Ohio Valley Weather. Suffered tropical depressions twice. Lost power twice. Hot weather. Drunks. Divas. Actors who were too busy wanting to sleep together to be bothered with making the film. But there were the awesome things too. Seeing your hard work come together. Making great connections. And having actors to touch base with in promoting my books. See http://lostlegacies.blogspot.com/ there's a new installment coming soon.

But these indepent minded artists inspired me to take my own path to success. I'm more an author than a filmmaker but I love movies. I have two series in place to launch at http://museituppublishing.blogspot.com/ and I'm working on launch my own self pub imprint Doves Publishing with the title Storm Chaser. I'm going to place an ad for my sci-fi erotica series on their smodcast closer to time of October 28th. It'll take some scrimping but I'm going to do it. Thanks Kevin for being a trailblazer. You are totally awesome and may the Force be with you.

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