Monday, May 23, 2011


One finds gratitude in the most unexpected of places. I mean there are the usual suspects, friends and family. But there's other places too. The freelance editor who understands where you're coming from and offers to go so far as format your finished book for Smashwords for your self-pub novel. The angel you met who's become a dear friend through your publishing house (though I love you all) who gave you some much needed advice even though you drive her crazy on the phone lol.

Then there are those you call your closest of friends. They stand by you through thick and thin, even when you make them a little crazy or even a lot crazy. To them I say thank you.

To all of my friends, my close friends, publishing family, and otherwise I send out a huge thank you :)


Karen Cote said...

A lovely tribute to all those you call friends, Amy. I pray it returns to you in mega cyber vases of long-stemmed roses.

Nan D Arnold said...

Terrific post and I'm counting my blessing now. Thanks for the reminder.

Heather Haven said...

Amy, I suspect you are a treasure.