Thursday, May 12, 2011

Rolling In the Deep

Sometimes you choose the story. And sometimes you choose the story. Rolling In the Deep, book 2 in the Lost Legacies series, chose me.

The hero of Rolling In the Deep, Luke Logan bears little resemblance to his half brother in personality to his half brother from Book One, Another Way To Die. Often times it's a song which will inspire me. The Lost Legacies series has been a morphing series since about halfway through Book 1. I knew Luke Logan before I ever wrote about him and I knew he would have his own book.

The seed was planted when I saw the preview for the Green Lantern this summer and Ryan Reynolds did a helluva a job showing the vulnerability of a superhero. Of course seeing him naked in The Proposal didn't hurt either :). I had a dream about Ryan Reynolds as a character and suddenly a new story was nagging at me.

But I didn't want to write about Ryan Reynolds I wanted to write about Daniel Craig lol. So I wrote No Ordinary Love and Ain't No Other Man.

Daniel Logan from Another Way To Die, was a brooder, damaged, in need of love and a take charge kind of guy a dark knight in shining armor. He made no apologies for who he was and man, was he hot as hell.

Luke Logan, to the outside world anyway, is a wise cracking hacker who knows where the safehouses are, can break any codes and can find a needle in a haystack and that's where we find him at the outset of Rolling In the Deep. He's on a mission to find his brother's missing daughter Abagail but soon finds himself the target of the very men his half brother pissed off.

I just started Rolling In the Deep and must say Adele's song is no small reason as to why I finally found my way into this story. Have a listen and watch into my inspiration visually and otherwise:

The Green Lantern Trailer:


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